About Us

Safe PC is a technical support service as a single solution to all the aspects of security which you will need in the modern online environment. Backed by technical staff for ease of use and full support. Its customisable for either silent running or for those which want to operate the software themselves.


When setting up “Safe PC” we noticed that a decent Anti-Virus will cost £30 a year a decent Malware Scanner at £45 a year. Maybe throw in a free firewall and some Ransomware changes requiring technical knowledge. Run a few programs to check the PC is running the hardware OK and you have an expensive full time job checking your PC with no support or advice available rather than using it.


As most issues are caused by not securing the PC, not monitoring the PC and people making changes without knowledge of the inner workings we unified all of these aspects to a simple monitored solution which can be checked by experienced technicians at a very competitive price as the security takes care of itself.


We have no expensive phone services. No additional sales. Just a one off price to fully protect your PC and help should you need it.