Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 Is A Blend Of Business Productivity Applications, That Supports Collaboration And Mobility Through Digital, Cloud Based, Transformation. It Is A Complete Solution For Businesses Looking For A Way To Keep Their Technology Flexible.

Microsoft 365, Windows 10 and 11 Pro and Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) – are offered at different levels via a number of business subscription plans.

Microsoft 365 for business utilises the latest in cloud-based technology to enable employees to work from anywhere, within a cybersecure environment. Giving businesses the opportunity to offer flexibility and productivity around the clock.

Windows Desktop Editions give you a subscription to a lifetime operating system, this means you will never need to buy an operating system again. Windows 10 and 11 are solutions that you can keep “for life”, and that are always up to date.

Scalability is one of the biggest advantages of Microsoft 365. As your business changes, your subscription level can scale up or down with it. You have full control over adding or removing additional services through the admin centre. Having all of your business tools in the one toolbox makes it easy to integrate with your other technology platforms.

SafePC will help you identify which Microsoft solution is best suited for your business. Tapping into our deep knowledge and extensive experience of the Microsoft suite, combined with our 29+ years of experience, we’ll help you make the most of the Microsoft product suite.