Outsourced Data Protection Officer

As a registered DPO (Data Protection Officer) company with ICO (Information Commissioners Office) we can assess and monitor your GDPR compliance and either administer or provide consultation to your IT Department.

We’re currently offering a free assessment of your GDPR compliance along with a report. Click to register for a 15-30 minute telephone or teams assessment to see if we can help.

Check the Information Commissioners – Data protection public register (ico.org.uk) for us registration number: ZB167392. There’re also lots of invaluable tools on the site to help free of charge.

Use of personal information and offsite data storage can be a complex and difficult area to navigate. Knowing where the actual information is can be difficult enough, but organising and administrating the policy where its held to align with GDPR compliance.

Whether Office 365, on premise servers, CRM or a third party portal the GDPR is applicable to all. How the policy, procedure and protocols of your business align with the legal requirements of GDPR can be a problematic translation. We specialise in finding ways to conform that do not require mass change, mass expense or disruption of service.

Our approach is that by auditing your current business standing, free, we can set the compliance as a project to gradually introduce change into the organisation. We’ve found over the last 3 years that most organisations need very little change;

  • Some system settings and alteration to default IT policies which are mainly run in the background
  • Reviews of backup procedures and software
  • Review and make additions to any IT Security Policy
  • Reword any terms and conditions
  • Make alterations to staff business practices

Translating the GDPR law into applicable business as usual practice is the key to enabling compliance. Then keeping up with changes in security best practice by monitoring your protocols in line with software changes and law keeps you legally compliant.