safepc is a technical support service. We provide a single solution to all aspects of security that you need in an online world. Our technical staff allow ease of use and full support for this service. Also creating a solution for both silent running and those which want to operate the software themselves with its customisable nature.

When setting up safepc we noticed that to get a decent Anti-Virus, a malware scanner, maybe a cheap or even free firewall would very quickly make that yearly bill rise to £100 or more. The worst part being that you would still require technical knowledge for anything extra such as some ransomware changes. Running a few programs to check your PC’s hardware is running OK transforms to an expensive full time job, that has no advice or support available.

Issues are in the majority caused by a lack of security and monitoring combined with changes made without the knowledge of the inner workings. This is why we have unified all these aspects to a single, simple solution which can be checked and monitored by experienced technicians at a very competitive price.

We have no expensive phone services. No additional sales, Just a one off price for your PC to be fully protected.


that allow security in an online world


At the core of any protection is the Anti-Virus. Protection from more traditional code and software which tries to download onto your PC to cause harm or corruption. Click for more detailed description of how the Anti-Virus works.


Newer and more sophisticated computer codes which are malicious to programs on your system and include code which tries to spy on you, gather banking information or code which gets data for other malicious activities.


This is the latest threat to hit headlines and is dangerous to your personal documents. We protect from these programs which encode your photos and documents and ask for money to be paid to criminal organisations for the code key to get your documents back.


This is your first line of defense for what comes in and goes out of the PC. From Wi-Fi over the web email or hidden programs sending data for advertising, you can pick what you share and what you receive. Perhaps more importantly who and what has access to your PC whilst you are online.


As software evolves and changes companies release new “patches” to fix and update the ever-changing world of products and services your PC has to offer. We automate the patching of not only Microsoft Products like Windows and Office but also other major product vendors such as Adobe and Google. This means you always have the latest secure software on your system.

Hardware Monitoring

Knowledge is power, an if you know the hard drive is performing slowly, or there’s not quite enough RAM in the machine we can advise on how you can adapt your machine or its use to compensate or upgrade.

Help Desk

Through email tickets and the web portal you can contact us 24/7 for help, advice and support. Our technicians monitor and amend your software dependent on how your machine operates. We start with the default setup on all aspects and shape the configuration based on the technical feedback we receive. You can ask for any change on any aspect of the software from notifications to taking complete control over the software and we’re available for any aspect of the PC not just the security software.

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